One Eyed Studios Open Reception BOS19

One Eyed Studios Open Reception BOS19

  • The Sisters Elefterin –  

    “Your Favorite Sibling Art Collective”  The Sisters Elefterin are Ari and Zoe . Their work is centered around their mutual interest of exploring the evolution and politics of the human body. While their practice is performative in nature, it often pulls from their training in photography, dance, theatre, advertising, and industrial design. Their work is both physically and conceptually layered; sometimes in the form of thousands of pieces of printed images covering a space, or as an analysis of the nuanced, emotional qualities of skin.

  • Minako Iwamura  –  

    Minako Iwamura’s works on paper and wood panels are an exploration of geometric patterns, incorporating fractals and evoking elements in nature.

  • Jwhite Original –  

    Eco Fashion Studio. Sustainable Street Travel & Loungewear. Zero waste Fashion. Each piece is handmade & handprinted using the industries leftover textiles. Modern bohemian aesthetic, inspired by a global perspective.

  • Eva Redamonti –  

    Illustrator, fine artist, animator currently working mostly in collaboration with the music industry. Fantasy and imagination are important elements in my work. By combining movement, structure, symmetry and detail, I try to obscure the lines between cosmic fantasy and reality while creating a three-dimensional space within two-dimensional media.

  • Pat Shiu –  

    Pat Shiu is a Hong Kong-American visual artist working across disciplines including printmaking, code and filmmaking. 

  • Sarbani Ghosh –  

    Sarbani Ghosh is an artist living and working in Brooklyn. She earned her BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Miami, and earned her MFA in Painting and Drawing from Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn.

  • Girl Studios –  

    Girl studios is a collective focused on branding motion and fashion design.  -Melanie Maynard, Robert long, Nate Stritzler & Evan Aretz.

  • Liam Minihan –  

    Geometric abstraction. Acrylic paint on stretched printable vinyl fabric.

  • Figa –  

    Artisanal clothing. 

  • Flora Choi –  

    Multidisciplinary artist.

  • Annelise LaFlamme –  

    Visual artist.

  • James Johnson –  

    Visual artist.

  • fxmoya –  


  • Aki Tsukamoto –  


  • Tracy Nunez & Rafael Santiago –  

    Analog Collage.

  • Brooklyn Builders Collective –  

    Furniture Design.


    Portrait photography.

  • HollowBookCo / DrinkingBuddy –  

    Specialist in books and flasks.




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