Foreign Lands At One Eyed Studios, Bushwick

Foreign Lands At One Eyed Studios, Bushwick

Where: One Eyed Studios  |  1639 Centre St. Ridgewood, NY 11385

When: Opening: March 30th. 7pm-10pm

Exhibition dates: March 30th- April 28th
Contact: For appointments after opening:

Transport: L train to Halsey stop

Foreign Lands is an exhibition exploring the relationship between the intimate self and the alienation that arises from a displacement within our environments. Considering the notions of cultural preservation, self-segregation, and identity as starting points, a diverse group of artists presents ostensibly disparate views on the subject. This state of displacement usually manifests itself with a multitude of factors, both internal as well as external. Social structures, opposing norms and interpersonal conflict, can all come into play during these ruptured times of tension and separation. A displaced sense of self and isolation is often a result; yet, it is through this loss that survival mechanisms are exercised in the context of art making and self-discovery. An exercise seeking visibility like a memory that needs to be recalled, a story that needs to be told– these ideas manifest themselves as objects that archive, protect, and ultimately resolve as entities of their own.

This group show is an artists led exhibition in a newly built studio space on the edge of Bushwick and Ridgewood, bringing together artists, designers, curators and the public with the ambition to promote artistic exploration, influence perceptions through dialogue and experience and bolster creative communities.

About the Artists

daàPò reo is a New York-based, Nigerian visual artist working in textile installation, performance and video. His work probes the boundaries and interactions between surface and structure, representation, and identity. Recently, he returned to his primary love of textiles and needles, venturing into heraldic art and exploring a series of mixed media ags that weaves sociocultural, economic and political commentaries that are shaping the world today. His practice proposes questions on human consciousness and social responsibility as well as interdependency and self-transformation through personal perspective.

Alicia Adamerovich creates surreal gurative work that spans drawing, painting and sculpture. Her work presents depictions and scenes that are soft yet beguiling with undercurrents of domesticity, eroticism and humor. For the exhibition, Alicia’s drawings focuses on the ritual tendencies of ‘alone time’ and how solitary living can be equal parts pleasurable and torturous. She has shown work in New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Austin, and Oakland. She is currently participating in the Endless Editions Copy Shop residency as well as NYC Crit Club. Born in Latrobe, PA. Alicia currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Jaeho Hwang is a London-based artist, originally from South Korea. Utilizing both sound and visuals, Jaeho creates comprehensive digital works, live performances as well as electronic music. He has participated in performances and shown at a number of digital art festivals throughout London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Leipzig. In the work ‘Image’, alienation and disconnection are personi ed as the physical body and its manipulation through sound-reactive technology.

Lu Zhang was born in Xi’an, China, currently lives and works in New York. Lu is interested in exploring and understanding relationships, personally and collectively through the act
of making, whether it’s images, videos, ceramics, installations or performances. For the exhibition, Lu presents an ‘Abandoned Sel e’, a dislocation from the body and ‘A Banker’ a portrait from her lover series that explore human relationships and her own personal discovery through them. She currently holds a MFA and MS in Fine Arts and Art History from Pratt Institute, and BA degree in Economics from Xian Jiao Tong University. Lu has been shown internationally and nationally.

Lauren Anaïs Hussey was born in Jacksonville, Florida, currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She earned a BFA from the University of North Florida and an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Originating in autobiography, her paintings explore themes of arti ce, secrecy, and binaries. Lauren’s work often crosses the boundaries between painting and sculpture, telling her inner narratives often through abstraction. In ‘Foreign Lands’, she furthers her exploration of color and form through the lens of alienation and displacements.

Izabela Gola creates multimedia narrative environments which explore ideas revolving memory and identity associated with the relationship between a gure and a landscape. The fragility of porcelain represents the ephemerality of remembering, making the object into
a surrogate for memory, while ideas of sequence and repetition reference its uidity. The emerged environments are memory maps—an enactment of desires and anxieties associated with events, characters, and landscapes, mediated through objects and video narratives. Consequently, the artist points toward an agonized, constantly negotiated representation, a container for memory, or its absence thereof—its vacuum or negation within the coordinates of time and space. Born in Kielce, Poland, Izabela’s abstracted glaze paintings on the porcelain point to the Eastern European folk decorative ceramic styles. The threads of Eastern European folk and American Western visual languages in her work resonate with her dual Polish- American identity. Izabela graduated from Hunter College with an MFA degree in 2015. She now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

David Linchen is an American artist whose practice investigates the erratic space between diaspora and self-identity. In this exhibition, he presents two symmetrical multi- media collage paintings where he recreates traditional Chinese banners and signage’s, replacing the content with new symbols and personal iconography. A third painting is a homage to the Chinese 1993 film ‘Farewell, My Concubine’ directed by Chen Kaige with original story written by Lilian Lee. The movie follows two Peking Opera singers in the mist of China’s political turmoil during the Cultural Revolution. Both series of paintings explore themes of alienation, self- segregation and cultural deletion. David holds a BFA from Art Center College of Design with an emphasis on moving image, painting and design. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

Additonal information

Foreign Lands is located at 1639 Centre St. Ridgewood, NY 11385. Please contact us at or at 503 509 5745 for more information and schedule an appointment.

About the space

Foreign Lands’ exhibition space is generously supported by One Eyed Studios. Located on the edge of Bushwick and Ridgewood in a freshly renovated 55,000 sq. ft. industrial warehouse. For more information on available studio spaces, please contact oneyedstudios@rockellamgmt. com or call 646 847 8813.



Foreign Land supported by the Braven Brewing Company.


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