BOS- One Eyed Studio Showcase

BOS- One Eyed Studio Showcase

The One Eyed Collective showcase is generously supported by the Braven Brewing


Izabela Gola


I construct multimedia narrative environments which explore ideas revolving around memory and identity associated with a relationship between a figure and a landscape. The fragility of porcelain represents the ephemerality of remembering, making the object into a surrogate for memory, while the ideas of a sequence and repetition references its fluidity. The emerged memory maps are an enactment of desires and anxieties associated with events, characters, and landscapes, mediated through objects and narratives. Consequently, I point toward an agonized, constantly negotiated representation, a container for memory, or its absence thereof—its vacuum or negation within the coordinates of time and space.

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Andre Fuqua


André Fuqua is an interdisciplinary artist working across mediums. His training as a civiI engineer and painter guides much of his craft. Using formal tropes and materiality, he explores ideas surrounding visibility, space, otherness, identity, and energy. His interests lie at the juxtaposition of art and engineering, the physical and the ephemeral, and the real and surreal.


Alysson Reinert

I upcycle, customize, and repair denim to create new pieces of clothing or extend the life of others. I customize denim jackets, I repair jeans using hand stitching or patches or re-creating the piece completely, and I also take vintage dad jeans and turn them into women’s high waisted jeans.  A trend is something that people follow because it is marketed to them by fashion companies and influencers. Untrend is my word that I use to explain my mission of encouraging uniqueness and individuality when it comes to style. Untrend is also about ending fast fashion and the throw away culture of cheap trendy clothing and investing in custom quality pieces that match your style and will last you a long time. Instead of being “on trend” I am encouraging people to be “un trend” through personal style.


Erin Davis / Max C Lee


The work of Erin Davis / Max C Lee is born of power structures which affect our everyday. Spanning sculpture, video, installation, and internet interventions, they focus on systems which shape our culture and environment – law enforcement, comfort products, suburbia, and lifestyle consumerism. Their environments are built from commonplace discarded materials, alongside objects directly related to their sources and concepts, presented as readymades. Each assemblage forms a critical dialogue about its structure and origin. Davis / Lee are currently in the process of building a body of work which addresses their own white suburban upbringings and how it fosters white, cis, male, heteronormative supremacy. These works address familiar aesthetics for those who grew up in a white-flight environment and mentality. In doing so, the violence not far beneath cul-de-sac comforts can be seen by those who perpetuate and enable it.    Davis / Lee are also the co-founders and curators of Re: Art Show – an ongoing, rent-free, DIY group-show-series based in Brooklyn.


David Linchen

David Linchen is an American artist based in Brooklyn, New York.  Linchen uses history, cultural iconography and personal psychology as sources for networks of objects in his visual narratives.  The dystopian landscapes composed from drawings and collected materials like photos, found objects or readymade images, are then mediated and archived through a digital apparatus. The resulting images redefine and re-contextualize the elements that make up the larger whole and narrate a landscape which contemplates on ideas associated with death, rebirth, diaspora and self-identity.  Linchen constructs a landscape with vibrant objects which fluctuate between forms resembling an X-ray image and an abstraction.  Linchen thus preserves the agency of the image identity in the momentum of its constant self-reflection, transformation and renewal.


John Federlin


John Federlin is an American painter. Born and based in NY currently residing in the East Village. While he was pursuing his degree in college John spent time studying the masters in Florence and Rome. John received his Bachelor’s degree from the College of Saint Rose with a concentration in drawing and painting, as well as a minor in Art History. Although John currently resides in New York he spent some time in Los Angeles where he had work featured in Carter Sexton Art Gallery in North Hollywood, CA. Including paintings in exhibits ‘All You Need Is Love’ and ‘Abstract Art’.

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Minako Iwamur


Minako’s current work explores observations from nature, utilizing mathematical patterns, to evoke the elevated sense of wonder nature gives, in forms hovering over representation and abstraction.  She is interested in dualities – the coexistence of nature and geometry, art and math/science, singular and the collective, premeditated delineation and organic formations. Through these she celebrates the boundless and the untethered.


Dexter Holmes


Mass consumption and repetition is pivotal in understanding the process which results in these pictures. Dexter’s oil on canvas is comprised of non objective imagery; color and design principles are also used to create a dialogue between the viewer and his pictures. The objective of his art is to demand the viewer to critically think about the picture. Dexter is also influenced by industrial design, street art and all modern art movements.


Taiji Kuroda:

The One Eyed Collective showcase is generously supported by the Braven Brewing Company.

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